Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hijab is my choice but not compulsion

Hijab is my Personality (Heejab/Hijjab/Hejab/Hejaab)

Hijab is my choice (Islamic Dress/Face Cover)

Hijab is my/our right (Muslim Women Hejjab)

Hijjab is my beauty and I wear it to please my Allah (Muslim Woman Dress)

Hijaab as per Holy Quran (Hijjaab/Hejaab)


The Muslim Women Unveiled

A Waman Modestly Dressed is as a pearl in it's shell

Hijab is for Muslim Women



  1. if u r showing ur face, u r still uncovered!

  2. What a pile of horse shit...??? they cover up because it there law not because the Koran say to, no where in the Koran does it say cover your face. "no-where" The true facts are the stupid muslims are living in the 1400th century, time to move into the 21st century losers.

  3. I always feel pure and beautiful and protected for Allah when i wear my hijab. It truely is my way of life in islam.